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Bring your characters to life with SGX.

Experience the power of automatically creating emotionally expressive animation, from audio alone.

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Fully automatic animation, from audio alone

Lots of audio dialogue? No problem. Save time, and achieve premium animation consistently with SGX.

Animate any character

From blendshape, joint-based, or hybrid, to completely custom characters, they’re all easily set up in SGX Studio, and move and behave in a personalized way.

Works with any language

Seamlessly input audio in any language—even those tricky fictional ones. For extra precision, input transcripts. We currently support text in 11 languages.

Trust us, you're in good company.
Creative control

Creative control in your hands

Create a user-defined behavior mood library to set emotional expressions and personality for the entire face of your character, not just lip sync. Want further control? Use Markup for more precise performance.

Mass-scale ready

SGX is mass scale ready, with easy pipeline integration, no runtime, and a scriptable command-line interface. You’ll be shipping animation into Maya, Unreal, or any other game engine in no time.

Unlock your creativity with smart facial animation from audio

The Power of Voice

Our voice AI scans the audio file syllable by syllable, sensing articulation and intonation, as well as emotional state and nonverbal noises. This insight gives you the power to create rich performances.

The Science of Motion

Our motion generation approach is a physically-based simulation, grounded in speech articulation, motor planning, and muscle dynamics. SGX brings characters to life with precision and naturalness not seen in any other audio-driven solution.

Science of motion

You’ve probably seen Speech Graphics technology in action...

How it works

You can animate a single line of dialog or a thousand lines in just a few clicks using our GUI or by launching a custom script. Curious to learn more about implementing a new animation workflow? Get in touch with us below.

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