All your marketing metrics in one place

Visualize your marketing campaigns with concrete metrics that you can pull into any report or presentation

Ready to build engaging education materials your students actually enjoy?

Ensure their education experience is enjoyable, interactive, and communication is clear by delivering your content with a virtual character.


What makes Rapport solutions special?


Provide support that never sleeps with Rapport.


Share that school pride.

Easily create an engaging way to share general information for prospective students and parents, academic offerings, admissions FAQs, and virtual tours.

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Welcome new students.

Safely welcome new students with a virtual mascot or character that answers all the things: where’s the best food on campus, library hours, upcoming virtual events, and more.

Make test prep fun.

Ensure your students actually study for the upcoming exam with interactive, and scripted reviews.

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Engage alumni and potential donors.

Make your alumni communications more personalized. Highlight matching gift campaigns, easily explain endowment opportunities, tribute gifts, and other ways of giving back.

What our clients say...


"We worked together with Rapport to apply their facial animation technology to our avatars in a unique way. These are our most expressive and engaging avatars yet and we are excited about how the communication inside Glue now feels even more natural and effortless."