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Bring your characters to life with the power of voice.

Use pioneering facial animation technology to create authentic, emotionally expressive characters, from audio alone.


What makes our animation solution stand out?

Speech Graphics technology delivers you high quality in an automated process. Produce consistent, natural movement of your characters in a fraction of the time.


Games Using Speech Graphics



Last of Us Part 2

by Naughty Dog

🎥 Production
🔄 Real-time

About the project:

SGX enabled the Fixi team to automatically localize their animation for the many languages of the European market. 


Resident Evil

by Capcom Co.

🎥 Production

About the project:

Featured prominently in the first-person perspective cut scenes, SGX played a significant role in the development of facial animation. 



by Epic Games

🔄 Real-time

About the project:

Using the speech Graphics real-time speech-to-facial animation engine player voices brought their avatars to life in the pre-game voice chat lobby.



by Counterplay Games

🎥 Production

About the project:

SGX generated select facial animation for various in-game animations and cutscenes. 


Last Stop

by Variable State

🎥 Production

About the project:

Integrating SGX into their character animation process, Variable State equipped a trio of main characters with quality facial animation throughout their interlinked storylines. 


Marvel Avengers

by Crystal Dynamics

🎥 Production

About the project:

SGX generated cutscene and in-game facial animations for all the Avengers and their foes. 


Gears of War 5

by The Coalition

🎥 Production

About the project:

Deeply integrated into the audio production pipeline, SGX automatically generated animations for over 200,000 lines of dialog recorded over the course of production. 


Shadow of The Tomb Raider

by Eidos Montreal 

🎥 Production

About the project:

SGX brought Lara Croft and the rest of the cast to life in hundreds of interactive dialog sequences, cutscenes, in-game banter, and emotes. 


Black Wood Crossing

by PaperSeven

🎥 Production

About the project:

Working with SGX, PaperSeven animated facial motion, and expressions for the main character's dialog over the course of the project. 


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

by Monolith

🎥 Production

About the project:

SGX was pivotal in animating thousands of lines of dialog for the enemy Orcs dynamically generated by the Nemesis system. 

Our Workflow

Begin to animate a single line of dialog or a thousand lines in just a few clicks using our GUI or by launching a custom script.

Our software is called SGX, which is an award winning, production tested, automatic speech-to-facial animation system. Over 20 years of R&D in speech technology, linguistics, machine learning and procedural facial dynamics are at the core of SGX. Through the innovative application of acoustic analysis and muscle dynamics, SGX produces accurate, consistent, natural lip sync and remarkable full-face emotional expression from just audio and text.

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What our clients say...


“By analyzing our audio and written transcripts of our dialogue, the Speech Graphics software produced animations at a high fidelity to both the sound and the actual emotion of the voice acting. We were immediately impressed by how the whole face of the in-game character would reflect the tone of the line.”

Trust us, you're in good company

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