All your marketing metrics in one place

Visualize your marketing campaigns with concrete metrics that you can pull into any report or presentation

Ready to build trust with your customers and patients?

Ensure their onboarding experience is enjoyable and interactive by visualizing your brand voice with a digital character.


What makes Rapport solutions special?


Enhance your healthcare business with Rapport.


Provide a unique customer experience at scale.

Help your AIs + characters speak more naturally, and skip walls of text by putting a face to your name. Create a dependable and more satisfying experience for your customers at critical touch points.

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Quickly triage symptoms.

Help walk through symptom identifiers for those who are sick or concerned they might have a rapidly spreading illness like COVID-19.

Ease elderly care and loneliness.

With an aging world population, many of whom live alone, a virtual healthcare companion can help 24-7, and without judgement. Easily remind patients to take medications, notes, do daily exercises, and schedule health checks.

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Provide clarity and calm before and after operations.

Getting any kind of medical operation can be scary. Give your patients personalized pre- and post-operation instructions, remind them of follow up appointments, and collect feedback easily.

Ensure seamless medication management.

Be available for customers and patients 24-7. Remind customers when to take medications, order refills, and answer questions about side effect

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What our clients say...


“Speech Graphics is magic…being able to create a facial performance from audio that’s not only useful, but in many cases truly emotional…priceless. Allowed us to temp up facial animation for a pilot in a matter of hours, something that would have taken months any other way. The results speak for themselves, literally!"